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Get Affinity Photo for just $35 in this unmissable Black Friday editing software deal

Affinity Photo Black Friday deal
(Image credit: Serif)

Affinity Photo is one of our favorite photo editors... and for good reason. This is a really powerful image editing program - but comes at a price that is really affordable compared to its competitors. But now for Black Friday, the price has been reduced even further making this a deal that is hard to refuse. You pay just $35 for the full and latest version of the program, Affinity Photo 1.7, in a deal that lasts through Black Friday, and until the Cyber Monday deals have been and gone.

That price $35 gets you the program outright.... unlike Photoshop CC (which is probably its main competitor) there are no monthly fees to pay. In the UK you will end up paying £33.99. And as this is a digital download direct from Serif Affinity themselves, the deal is available wherever you are in the world up until December 3. 

The 30% off Black Friday deal is available across the Affinity range... which will be particularly tempting if you are looking for a pro-spec, affordable graphics or desktop publishing program. Affinity Designer was the first in this powerful suite of programs, and after five years of refinement gives a great alternative to Adobe Illustrator. The new Affinity Publisher, meanwhile, can be seen as a serious alternative to programs like Adobe InDesign.... but at a much, much more affordable price for the home or small office. 

Affinity Photo save 30% now $35 (£33.99)

A really powerful image editing program that works on PC or Mac, that is high up the list of the best photo editors. The price gets you the latest version, and you get to own the software outright - so there are no monthly fees. Affinity Photo is always a great value buy... but this price makes it an absolute steal.

Worldwide deal. Offer ends 3 December.View Deal

Affinity Publisher save 30% now $35 (£33.99)

The desktop publishing solution in the Affinity suite... perfect for those who want to design their own newsletters, magazines or books with professional standard software. Available for both Mac or PC Windows. 

Worldwide deal. Offer ends 3 December.View Deal

Affinity Designer save 30% now $35 (£33.99)

Professional standard graphics design software - perfect for those who want to create their own illustrations. Available for both Windows PCs, Apple Macs or iPads.

Worldwide deal. Offer ends 3 December.View Deal

Affinity Photo 1.7 minimum system requirement

PC: 2GB RAM (4GB recommended), Windows 7 SP1 to 10 | Mac: 64-bit Core Duo 2 or better, 2GB RAM, OS X 10.9 or later | Hard drive: 670MB | Minimum screen resolution: 1280x768 pixels

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