Fujifilm has created a 580TB storage device... and it's housed on a bit of tape

world record breaking magnetic storage strip 580TB Fujifilm
(Image credit: Fujifilm)

A collaboration between Fujifilm and IBM has produced a magnetic strip that's capable of holding 580 terabytes (TB) worth of data. Fujifilm has stated that a new world record has been set with the creation of this unusual storage device, which is set to be used for cloud storage. 

This huge breakthrough in technology has been achieved through the use of a new particle called Strontium Ferrite (SrFe). This particle could potentially replace the current industry preferred particle, which is Barium Ferrite (BaFe). For cloud storage options, this new particle could be incredible. 

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The key reasons why this new particle could be fantastic for cloud storage are that SrFe requires no energy when it's not in use and it reduces the cost per gigabyte to pennies. The cost of running storage farms for cloud storage can be astronomical, so if this new particle can reduce some of the major running costs attributed to cloud storage then those savings could be passed on to customers. 

We may be set to see a great reduction in the cost of cloud storage and this is potentially going to be extremely important for photographers and creatives alike. 

Cloud storage is set to become a major part of many photographers' workflows. It's convenient to have your images immediately backed up to the cloud as soon as you take them. Even if you still use portable storage devices in your camera, having that extra back up is not only a good fail safe, but it also speeds up the workflow. 

Essentially, you can complete a shoot and return to your laptop to find all of the photographs ready and available. Instead of having to import and back up your shots, the images are ready to edit straight away – a major convenience no matter whether you're a busy working photographer or you simply shoot for fun. 

You can read the full Fujifilm announcement here to discover more about this revolutionary storage device.

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