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Fujifilm announces new London photography centre

The Fujifilm Photography Experience Centre is being developed now in Covent Garden, London
(Image credit: Lauren Scott)

Fujifilm has announced its plans to open a world-first photography centre  – due to open winter 2019 – in the middle of London’s Covent Garden.

The ‘concept experience centre’ will be set over three floors, and will showcase all of the company’s photography and imaging brands (for both picture making and taking).

Visitors can expect a GFX specialist area, X-Series spotlight, Instax zone and a 'Wonder Photo Shop' for printing photos and gifts.

Centre will celebrate the heritage of Fujifilm

Founded over 80 years ago, photography is key to Fujifilm's heritage, and the centre marks a world-first for the company.

“We at Fujifilm are passionate about the preservation about people’s memories, and keeping the spirit and culture of photography alive,” says FUJIFILM UK’s Managing Director Yoshitaka Nakamura.

Today, Fujifilm is world renowned for its innovative X-Series and iconic range of fun Instax cameras.

Project leader for the centre Theo Georghiades adds: “We want to inspire people to have fun, to enjoy photography and to learn more about what they can do with their pictures and their cameras.”

Project Leader Theo Georghiades shares news about the new experience centre

Project Leader Theo Georghiades shares news about the new experience centre

(Image credit: Lauren Scott)

From rewriting the rulebook on larger format cameras with the GFX100, to launching the smallest and most innovative instax instant camera to date– an incredibly exciting year for Fujifilm has just got even bigger. Our new centre will put the customer at the heart of the experience as a place for everyone to completely immerse themselves in the world of photography, from picture taking to picture making.”’

Theo Georghiades, Project Leader

What we know about the experience centre so far

  • Instax instant camera and printers experience zone
  • GFX specialist area
  • X-Series spotlight
  • Wonder Photo Shop with photo printing and photo-gifting

The company's aim is to provide the ultimate photographic experience in London – a wonderland of opportunities.

“Image quality is core with all the products that we have," says Georghiades. "Whether it’s install, X-Series, GFX, we will have all products available to customers.”

The aim is for it be more than just a store; a community, club and home for all ages and demographics to enjoy and learn from, whatever they shoot with.

“The mirrorless market is starting to overtake the DSLR market.” And let's not forget the popularity of the Instax with the instagram generation. “Instax has done a wonderful job over the last couple of years, encouraging the young generation to embrace analogue photography.”

Where and when will the centre open?

The FUJIFILM Photography Experience Centre London is due to open in winter 2019.

The property in Longacre, Covent Garden is already being worked on, and an official storefront image will be coming soon.

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