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Free 90-day trial of full Affinity Photo suite and 50% discount!

Free 90-day trial of Affinity and 50% discount!
(Image credit: Affinity)

Serif, the developers of the Affinity suite of software programs, has come up with an unprecedented plan to help support photographers, designers and other creatives during the coronavirus pandemic. It is offering a new 90-day free trial on each of its three programs – and it is cutting the cost of each of them by half.

Affinity Photo is one of our favorite photo editors... and for good reason. This is a really powerful image editing program - but comes at a price that is really affordable compared to its competitors. 

Now thanks to this scheme photographers can get the program outright for just $25 / £23.99.... unlike Photoshop CC (which is probably its main competitor) there are no monthly fees to pay. The deal is available worldwide and lasts until 20 April.

In addition, people will all alternatively be able to us the Affinity programs for a 90-day trial period – which will be particularly helpful to students and creatives who are not being forced to work and study at home on their own computers. 

The offer is available across the Affinity range... which will be particularly tempting if you are looking for a pro-spec, affordable graphics or desktop publishing program. Affinity Designer was the first in this powerful suite of programs, and after five years of refinement gives a great alternative to Adobe Illustrator. The new Affinity Publisher, meanwhile, can be seen as a serious alternative to programs like Adobe InDesign.... but at a much, much more affordable price for the home or small office. 

Serif Managing Director Ashley Hewson says: “Unfortunately we are hearing many stories from the creative community about how they are being severely impacted by the effects of the pandemic.

“We know we can’t solve many of these problems, but hopefully these things will make life a little easier for people who rely on creative software to make a living but may be stuck at home without access to their usual tools, or for students who might suddenly be without access to their Affinity apps on their personal devices".

Serif is also pledging to engage more than 100 freelance creatives for work, spending the equivalent of its annual commissioning budget in the next three months. More details are expected on this soon.

Affinity Photo save 50% now $25 (£23.99)
Plus 90-day free trial

A really powerful image editing program that works on PC or Mac, that is high up the list of the best photo editors. The price gets you the latest version, and you get to own the software outright - so there are no monthly fees. Affinity Photo is always a great value buy... but this price makes it an absolute steal.

Worldwide deal. Offer ends 20 April 2020.View Deal

Affinity Publisher save 50% now $25 (£23.99)
Plus 90-day free trial

The desktop publishing solution in the Affinity suite... perfect for those who want to design their own newsletters, magazines or books with professional standard software. Available for both Mac or PC Windows. 

Worldwide deal. Offer ends 20 April 2020.View Deal

Affinity Designer save 50% now $25 (£23.99)
Plus 90-day free trial

Professional standard graphics design software - perfect for those who want to create their own illustrations. Available for both Windows PCs, Apple Macs or iPads.

Worldwide deal. Offer ends 20 April 2020.View Deal

Free 90-day trial of full Affinity suite and 50% discount!

Serif is offering a 90-day trial and 50% discount on the entire Affinity suite (Image credit: Serif)

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