f/1.0 lens among 4 new optics coming to Nikon Z and Leica M mount

Voigtlander Ultron 28mm f2 Aspherical VM Type II lens for Leica M-mount (Image credit: Voigtlander)

UPDATE: Cosina has officially announced the Voigtländer Nokton 50mm f/1 and the Voigtländer Super-Weide Heliar 15mm f/4.5 Aspherical lens for Nikon Z mount, as well as the Voigtländer Ultron 75mm f/1.9 SC and MC versions for Leica M Mount. 

Both the new 75mm lenses are comprised of 7 elements in 5 groups, 3 of which use anomalous partial dispersion glass. For a 75mm lens it's pretty compact at just 54.1mm in length, making it super portable and great for traveling or hiking with. An all-metal helicoid unit is processed and adjusted with high precision and high-quality grease to achieve just the right amount of torque. Both lenses have an RRP of ¥100,000 (approximately $779 / £637 / AU$1,117).

The Nokton 50mm f/1 aspherical lens is the brightest f/1 lens in the Voigtländer range of full-frame interchangeable lenses. Manufactured in-house, it uses a GA (grinded aspherical) lens to achieve a tighter style, it has electronic contacts to communicate between the lens and camera body, a 12-bladed diaphragm, and a price of ¥240,000 ($1,869 / £1,530 / AU$2,683).

Finally, the Heliar 15mm f/4.5 lens will have a 110° angle of view with very little distortion, ensuring sharp images from corner to corner. It has a minimum focusing distance of 0.13m and despite being so wide is still compatible with square filters. With a filter thread of 58mm, filters can be attached without a special adapter and the flower-shaped hood is removable with a flat-head screwdriver. It's priced at ¥118,000 ($918 / £752 / AU$1,318).

ORIGINAL STORY (Jan 15 2023): Japanese lens manufacturer Cosina is set to announce four new Voigtländer lenses for Nikon Z and Leica M mount – including a super fast 50mm f/1 prime for Nikon shooters. 

While there are a couple of slightly faster lenses available for the Nikon Z mount, including the Mitakon Speedmaster 50mm f/0.95 and the 7Artisans 50mm f/0.95, we have a sneaking suspicion that the Voigtländer Nokton 50mm f/1 Aspherical lens will perform much better, if the Voigtländer 50mm f/1.1 VM is anything to go by. 

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The second Nikon lens to be announced, according to a report by Asobinet, will be a super-wide angle Voigtländer Heliar 15mm f/4.5 Aspherical lens. Previous Heliar lenses, such as the Voigtlander 50mm f/1.5 for Leica M mount, have benefitted from a retro-looking design, a single-coated front element designed to reproduce classic color tones, and a knurled diamond pattern etched into the focus ring for easy holding – so we could expect to see these features in the latest wide angle. 

For those who shoot with a Leica M system, such as the Leica M11 or Leica M6, there are two lenses of the same focal length but in two different versions: a Voigtlander Ultron 75mm f/1.9 SC VM and a Voigtlander Ultron 75mm f/1.9 MC VM. 

You might be thinking, "Wait, they're the same lens!" They are slightly different; while the SC variant has a single coating on the front element, the MC version has a multi-coating that gives a neutral color rendering that we are used to from most model lenses. Which you go for is entirely down to the look you personally like the most. 

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