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$6,000 iPhone 11 Pro comes with a piece of Mike Tyson or Marilyn Monroe’s clothes

$6,000 iPhone 11 Pro comes with a piece of Mike Tyson or Marilyn Monroe’s clothes
(Image credit: Caviar)

Still looking for the ultimate Christmas gift for photographers? Russia to the rescue! Luxury phone brand Caviar is offering ultra-collectible $6,000 editions of the iPhone 11 Pro Max featuring a swatch of either Mike Tyson's boxing trunks or Marilyn Monroe's dress.

And of course, if those aren’t exclusive or premium enough for you, Caviar also offers a $7,000 iPhone 11 Pro with a piece of the Titanic, a $33,000 version with a chunk of Yuri Gugarin’s spaceship, and a $6,000 iPhone 11 Pro with a swatch of Steve Jobs’ turtleneck.

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The Caviar iPhone 11 Pro Superior Iron Mike is limited to 50 pieces worldwide – matching the number of wins in the legendary boxer’s career. It is “decorated with a rhythmic floral ornament, which provides special brutal dynamics to the design”, and features a bas-relief portrait of Kid Dynamite with a piece of his black boxing trunks encased in protective glass.

The iRon Mike phone starts at $5,850 (£4,467 / AU $8,545) for a 256GB iPhone 11 Pro, and tops out at $6,720 (£5,133 / AU $9,817) for a 512GB iPhone 11 Pro Max.

However, if you think it’s a bit risky putting anything to do with Mike Tyson next to your ear, perhaps the Caviar iPhone 11 Pro Superior Marilyn Monroe will be more to your liking.

The titanium-bodied phone features a relief of “intriguing black lace” along with a signature Monroe lipstick kiss in red glossy kirinite, and includes a piece of the iconic actress’ dress. 

It’s limited to either 19 or 99 pieces, depending on whether you read the description on the website or the press release, but either way it starts at $5,100 (£3,894 / AU $7,449) for a 64GB iPhone 11 Pro and goes up to $6,290 (£4,802 / AU $9,187) for a 512GB iPhone 11 Pro Max.

Tragically, the Caviar iPhone 11 Pro Superior Marilyn Monroe doesn’t appear to feature a “Happy Birthday Mr President” ringtone – though we’re holding out hope for a Caviar iPhone 11 Pro Superior Iron Mike II that comes with a chunk of Evander Holyfield’s ear.

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