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Datacolor launches SpyderX Photo Kit and reveals limited special offer

Datacolor launches SpyderX Photo Kit and reveals limited special offer
(Image credit: Datacolor)

In celebration of Datacolor’s 50th anniversary, the Switzerland-based color management outfit is launching the SpyderX Photo Kit. The celebratory box set includes three color management tools: The SpyderX Elite, Spyder Checkr 24 and Spyder Cube.

The SpyderX Photo Kit is set to retail at $399 (£399). However, Datacolor is offering customers the chance to pick it up at a heavily discounted $199 (£199) in honor of its five-decade milestone. But this special price is only available in limited quantities and while supplies last.

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Color management is important for those who regularly edit and/or print photos. The SpyderX Photo Kit’s trio of tools will help boost color accuracy both in-camera and on-screen. Datacolor calls the SpyderX its “best Spyder ever”. The Elite is the definitive version and can calibrate and match multiple displays, calibrate digital projectors and even read a room’s light levels (which affects the viewing experience).

The Spyder Checkr 24 features 24 spectrally engineered color patches and an in-camera white balance tool. Its calibration software creates a profile, which can be used in conjunction with dedicated editing software to boost color accuracy. Finally, the Spyder Cube can be used as a reference when setting various properties including white balance, exposure and brightness throughout a series of images.

The SpyderX Photo Kit is currently available for $199  from B&H for the next 10 hours from the time this article is published. 

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