Capture One to end Fujifilm, Sony and Nikon editions ahead of big new plans

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(Image credit: Ausra Babiedaite / Capture One)

Until now Capture One as been offered in a full ‘all cameras’ edition – Capture One Pro – but with much cheaper Fujifilm, Sony and Nikon editions for users of those camera brands only. From today, though, these branded editions will no longer be available for purchase.

So where will that leave users? In a pretty good place, it seems. Capture One is keen to stress that these branded editions will carry on working exactly as before, and that bug fixes and feature updates will continue for two years from the initial Capture One 22 launch.

It is, however, offering upgrades and inducements to switch to the full Capture One Pro product either at no cost (for users of the latest 'branded' versions) or at reduced cost for older Fujifilm, Sony or Nikon editions.

(Image credit: Ausra Babiedaite / Capture One)

Capture One Pro upgrades and offers

If you’re currently using Capture One 22 for Fujifilm, Sony or Nikon. On April 5 2022 you will get a free upgrade to the full Capture One Pro edition, so you’re not going to lose out. Users will get an email about how to claim their upgrades nearer to that April 5th date.

If you’re using an Capture One 21 or older for Fujifilm, Sony or Nikon, you can upgrade to Capture One Pro at the same price you would pay to upgrade to the latest branded edition – this offer is available until April 18th 2022.

If you are using Capture One 22 for Fujifilm, Sony or Nikon on a subscription, you’ll carry on paying the same price you do right now for as long as you remain a subscriber.

So why the change?

Capture One says it is clearing the decks ahead of some major new features, including a powerful new way to collaborate with Capture One Live, and the company’s first iOS app with Capture One for iPad.  

This promises to put Capture One head to head with Adobe Lightroom – it will be very interesting to see how Capture One’s cloud solution compares with Adobe’s.

Get Capture One Pro 22: $299 or $179/year

Get Capture One Pro 22: $299 or $179/year
Capture One Pro is available either for a single one-off license fee on a paid-monthly subscription or an annual subscription which offers a big saving over the monthly option. 

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