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Canon EOS R5c coming in 2022 – an R5 that won't overheat!

Canon EOS R5c being announced in 2021 (and the "c" is for "cooling"!)

UPDATE: The Canon EOS R5c, a rumored update of the R5 that boasts a cooling system as not to overheat, will purportedly be released in Q1 2022. 

Originally rumored for release later this year, the Canon EOS R5c will ostensibly be a Canon EOS R5 with more cinema-leaning focus, including an active cooling system, the Canon Log 2 profile and a full-size HDMI port – but will retain the same fundamental specs, such as the 45MP image sensor and 8K video output.

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"I have now received multiple confirmations that such a camera is in the pipeline," reports Canon Rumors. "The announcement and release date have apparently been pushed back to Q1 of 2022. Originally we were told that an announcement around NAB in October was possible, but it looks like it has been pushed back.

"What do we know about the Canon EOS R5c? It’s an EOS R5 with active cooling, a slightly different form factor, and more codecs for video recording. The camera will also come with a full-size HDMI port."

There have been countless reports of new members in the EOS R family but, given the backlash and narrative surrounding the R5's recording limits and overheating issues, it feels like there may well be smoke to this fire.

ORIGINAL STORY (18 Mar 21) Canon is set to announce the Canon EOS R5c, a new cinema-oriented version of the existing R5 that will feature an active cooling system to prevent overheating, as well the much-requested Canon Log 2, according to a new report. 

In terms of its core specs, the Canon EOS R5c will be the same as the current Canon EOS R5. So in terms of the nuts and bolts, such as its 45MP resolution and 8K video capabilities, not much will change – this is very much a case of, "if it ain't broke, don't fix it".

What definitely is in need of fixing, however, is the R5's infamous overheating issue, which results in strict recording limits for video. And that is exactly what is being remedied in the Canon EOS R5c, which will possess a physically larger body featuring an active cooling system – something that should take the ceiling off the current limits on 4K High Quality, 4K 60p and 8K 30p video recording. 

"I reported last week that an EOS R cinema camera would be coming in the future," wrote Canon Rumors in a new report. "I have now confirmed this to be true, and we should expect an announcement in late 2021 with availability in early 2022."

"The camera, which we are calling the EOS R5c will be equipped with the same image sensor as the EOS R5 and will have all of the same recording options. The big news? It will be a slightly bigger body with active cooling and it will also remain a hybrid camera for stills shooting. The EOS R5c will also come with C-Log 2."

The addition of Canon Log 2 is a big deal for serious videographers and content creators, as the R5 is currently limited to Canon Log 1. It has long been rumored that C-Log 2, and even C-Log 3, could be coming to the R5 in a future firmware update. Given the impending release of the R5c, though, and given how Canon likes to delineate its Cinema EOS products, it is possible that these log modes will remain exclusive to the R5c. 

A Canon EOS R5 that doesn't overheat and has the best log mode? It's the camera that many shooters have been waiting for. 

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