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Analogue Wonderbox is the ultimate film club for retro photographers

Analogue Wonderbox fron Analogue Wonderland
(Image credit: Analogue Wonderland)
Analogue at TPS 2020

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If you use film cameras, and like to experiment with unusual rolls of 35mm film, then the Analogue Wonderbox is for you. Every two months you get a box full of six different film emulsions for you to try out – and to explore different retro photography effects and styles.

The brainchild of film photography specialists Analogue Wonderland, the Wonderbox is a film club with a difference. You subscribe, and then every two months you get six different rolls of film through the post; Analogue Wonderland boasts having over 200 different films in stock.

"Every week we get questions from folk getting into film photography - either for the first time or returning after a couple of decades in the digital world - asking for film recommendations and expressing amazement with the range available," says Paul McKay of Analogue Wonderland.

"By curating a small selection of films to arrive at homes around the world each month - and releasing weekly content with top tips for those films - photographers will quickly get to grips with some of the the creative differences between B&W and colour; negative and slide; infrared and redscale; Kodak and Fujifilm; and so much more. We will also run a rolling monthly competition for subscribers to share back some of their favorite shots." 

Each box is meant to be a surprise package, but (spoiler alert) the first box which is currently shipping to early adopters includes:

● Dubblefilm Bubblegum 

● Bergger Pancro 400 

● Ilford Pan F 

● Lomo Metropolis 

● Rollei 400S 

● Kodak Ultramax 

● A special Cyanotype kit from Little Vintage Photography 

● A flyer for a free developed roll with Digitalab 

The subscription service costs £50 a drop (approximately $65) from Analogue Wonderland.

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