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Adobe Photoshop Camera "brings Photoshop magic to the point of capture"

Photoshop Camera "brings incredible Photoshop magic to the point of capture"
(Image credit: Adobe)

Adobe has announced a fascinating new camera phone app called Adobe Photoshop Camera – "an app that re-imagines what’s possible with smartphone photography".

Powered by the company's Sensei technology, Adobe Photoshop Camera uses artificial intelligence to detect what you're shooting and suggest edits and filters – referred to, distressingly, as 'lenses' – to enhance and add creativity to your photos directly at the point of capture. 

By enabling photographers to consider and add these effects as they are taking a photograph, as well as removing the need for any Photoshop knowledge to add them manually, this could fast become one of the best photo apps both for casual photographers and the Instagram crowd. 

"With Photoshop Camera you can capture, edit, and share stunning photos and moments – both natural and creative – using real-time Photoshop-grade magic right from the viewfinder, leaving you free to focus on storytelling with powerful tools and effects," says Abhay Parasnis, Adbobe's executive VP and Chief Technology Officer.

"Leveraging Adobe Sensei intelligence, the app can instantly recognize the subject in your photo and provide recommendations, and automatically apply sophisticated, unique features at the moment of capture (i.e. portraits, landscapes, selfies, food shots), while always preserving an original shot. It also understands the technical content (i.e. dynamic range, tonality, scene-type, face regions) of the photo and automatically applies complex adjustments."

This means that the app can automatically do anything from adding fake bokeh to portraits, to replacing skies to achieve perfect sunsets – or even to achieve surreal spacescapes, if you'd prefer.

It will also enable shooters to access a curated feed of 'lenses' (bleurgh) made by "well-known artists and influencers" including Billie Eilish. And of course, having the original shot (the equivalent of the RAW file) means that you always have a clean shot to edit or use in a conventional manner. 

Adobe Photoshop Camera is due to release in full in 2020, but you can sign up for a preview right now.