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3 Legged Thing announces Ray and Bucky, two more tripods in its Legends range

3 Legged Thing Ray, Bucky and AirHed Vu
(Image credit: 3 Legged Thing)

3 Legged Things tripods don’t just have funky names, but funky looks too. The two new models will be available in two color schemes – ‘Earth Bronze with Ocean Blue head’ or ‘Metallic Slate Grey’.

They both come with a new AirHed Vu ball head with a unique feature – a small window on the side that shows the head clamping mechanism in action. It’s designed for strength, too, as are the Ray and Bucky tripods themselves, both offering an impressive 30kg payload capacity.

The legs are made from eight layers of 100% pure Japanese carbon fibre, and all three can be unscrewed and replaced with 3LT’s Vanz ‘footwear’ to make a table top tripod. You can also unscrew any leg and attach it to the centre column to make a monopod.

3 Legged Thing says it has introduced new style twist locks with O pads for improved grip, and new chicken lips (shims) for the leg joints for improved strength and rigidity.

3 Legged Thing Ray, Bucky and AirHed Vu

(Image credit: 3 Legged Thing)

3 Legged Thing Ray

This is the smaller of the two new tripods and folds down to a length of just 35.6cm, extending to a maximum height of 128cm with the AirHed Vu head.

It has five-section legs and a removable/reversible two-section center column. With the AirHed Vu fitted, Ray weighs 1.62kg – the tripod on its own weighs 1.27kg.

3 Legged Thing Ray, Bucky and AirHed Vu

(Image credit: 3 Legged Thing)

3 Legged Thing Bucky

Bucky is bigger, but still classed as a travel tripod, with five-section legs that fold up around a three-section center column and AirHead Vu head, to produce a folded length of just 41cm but a maximum height of 1.89m (or a minimum height of just 11cm.

Like Ray, Bucky features removable tripod legs and interchangeable ‘footwear’ (an optional extra) and the ability to connect any one of the legs to the removable center column to make a monopod. All-up weight, with AirHed Vu included, is 1.87kg

Price and availability

The 3 Legged Thing Ray and Bucky travel tripods will go on sale from August 18 but are available for pre-order now:

RAY, legs only: $329.99 / £319.99
RAYKIT, including AirHed Vu: $429.99 / £389.99
BUCKY, legs only: $399.99 / £379.99
BUCKYKIT, including AirHed Vu: $499.99 / £449.99
AIRHED VU, complete with QR-Octa: $169.99 / £149.99

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