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The best DJI Osmo Pocket deals in September 2019

DJI Osmo Pocket deals
(Image credit: DJI)

The DJI Osmo Pocket is one of the most the most interesting cameras to be launched in the last year or two – and it is therefore not surprising that lot so people want one, and want to get the best DJI Osmo Pocket deal. 

The Osmo Pocket is essentially an action cam, but it is not designed to look or function quite like any action camera we have seen before. The stick like device combines a miniature video camera with a motorized gimbal stabilizer, so that you get extraordinarily smooth shots when shooting handheld action sequences. And the stick-like design not only makes this a joy to hold... it also helps ensure this is, as its name suggests, a really pocketable device.

DJI Osmo Pocket deals

Built around a three-axis gimbal with a 12MP 1/2.3-inch camera sensor. the device has a small LCD screen that allows you to see what you are shooting. The whole unit measures just 121.9 x 28.6 x 36.9mm and weighs 116g.

The lens has an equivalent focal length equivalent to a 26mm wide-angle, a field of view of 80° degrees and an f/2 maximum aperture. It can shoot 4K footage at 60fps, Full HD  (1080p) footage can be recorded at up to 120fpsp for super-slow-motion effects.

Below is a full list of the best deals on the DJI Osmo Pocket that we can find close to you right now...

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