Best lenses for the Nikon Z fc in 2024

Nikon Z fc with Z 28mm f/2.8 lens being tested by a DCW reviewer
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The Nikon Z fc is certainly a nice-looking camera, harking back to the design of the Nikon FM film SLR and rather like Nikon's retro-revival Nikon Df – though with a smaller APS-C sensor and a MUCH more affordable price tag. So what are the best lenses to get for the Nikon Z fc? This is where it gets a little more complicated.

Beautiful as it is, and while the Nikon Z fc is one of the best Nikon cameras, it doesn't have that many lenses yet. It's true that you can use all the full frame Nikon Z lenses on this camera, but these can be big and expensive, and the smaller APS-C sensor in the Z fc produces a 'crop factor' which reduces the effective angle of view of full frame lenses.

Some of the best Nikon Z lenses are great for the Z fc, mind, even if they are for full frame cameras, and we've some in our list. For the most part, though, a smaller format camera like this needs lenses designed for the smaller sensor, particularly for wider angles of view.

So we've also made sure to include all the dedicated Nikkor Z DX lenses Nikon currently makes, and the good news is that in addition to the two kit lenses and a telephoto lens that arrived at the start, Nikon has added an extra-wide-angle zoom and a handy little fast prime lens. It's still early days, but the lens range for the Nikon Z fc is already enough to cover most users' needs.

You'll see that we've put 'equivalent' focal lengths in our lens specifications below. This is so that you can judge their focal lengths in full frame camera terms. We also pay special attention to in-lens VR (Vibration Reduction) systems, since the Nikon Z fc does not have in-body stabilization.

Now that we've covered everything you need to know, let's get on with the list!

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