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Supercharge your smartphone with this SIM only deal: 100GB data for £15/month!

Sim only phone deals
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If you keep running out of data every month, and want an affordable option where you never have to worry  about download sizes or about switching on data-hungry apps... then this amazing SIM only deal could be for you. 

The one that looks the most appealing, right now, is the £15 a month option that gives you a whopping 100GB of data every month (as well as unlimited texts and calls). Smarty have just doubled the amount of deal with this offering - which makes it even better value than ever. It is a great deal for those who stream video and download loads of files on their daily commute. And there are options for those who want even more data too.

These amazing SIM Only deals comes courtesy of Smarty – a virtual UK 4G network operated and run by Three, but which gives you a better price and less restrictions that you get from Three itself. 

If you are looking to spend less, then consider the £10 a month SIM-only deal includes 30GB of 4G mobile data, unlimited calls and unlimited text messages. It means that you won't have to turn off navigation services when in a strange city, or struggle with those annoying wifi access forms in pubs and restaurants. What's more tethering and personal hotspot data usage is included in your data coverage. 

And for those who really want unrestricted data access, there is an unlimited 4G data option at a very affordable £20 a month.

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There are no long-term contracts either to worry about... this is a rolling one-month deal. So when you decide to go off-grid, or find an even better deal, you can simply cast your Smarty Sim aside without worrying about financial penalties. 

Like the Three network, Smarty doesn't ever restrict your mobile data, either – no matter how much you're using to stream Netflix box sets during your train journey, or however many pictures you share with your fans on Instagram. 

Smarty 100GB SIM-only deal |  
100GB 4G data | Unlimited calls | Unlimited texts | 
Deal price: £15 a month
This 4G SIM-only plan gives you a massive 100GB of data each and every month – PLUS unlimited voice calls, and unlimited SMS texts. All you pay is £15 a month for life (or until you decide to cancel). Simple, honest mobile - as Smarty calls it - and it is hard for us to disagree thanks to its month-at-a-time fixed pricing, and unrestricted usage.
UK dealView Deal

Smarty Unlimited SIM-only deal |  
Unlimited 4G data | Unlimited calls | Unlimited texts | 
Deal price: £20 a month
This unlimited 4G SIM-only plan gives you unlimited data, unlimited voice calls, and unlimited SMS texts - and all you pay is £20 a month for life. This is the plan for power users, who want to stream video all day long without worrying about the cost.
UK dealView Deal

Smarty budget SIM-only deal |  
30GB 4G data | Unlimited calls | Unlimited texts | 
Deal price: £10 a month

UK dealView Deal

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