How to buy a flashgun: the most important features every photographer should have

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    A full-sized flashgun delivers the potential for versatile lighting techniques in wide-ranging conditions. In this quick buyer’s guide we’ll explain how to buy a flashgun by revealing some of the most important features every photographer will want to have.

    How to buy a flashgun: the most important features every photographer should have

    Too many flashguns never see the light of day. They’re stashed away, only brought out after dark or for shooting in gloomy interiors.

    It’s a waste, because flashguns have lots to offer in sunny conditions, where they can banish harsh shadows.

    This is particularly true in fairly close-range portraiture, as a flash puts an end to unsightly shadows.

    Trying to manually balance flash with ambient lighting to give natural-looking images often involves trial, error and wasted time.

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    Dedicated flashguns come to the rescue with iTTL (intelligent Through The Lens) flash metering.

    Pre-flash pulses are fired and then processed in the camera’s metering system, enabling accurate, automatic flash exposures in the blink of an eye.

    Some flashguns go further, supporting features like Nikon’s TTL-BL (Balanced Light) mode.

    This puts greater emphasis on ambient light levels, and seeks to give an even better balance between available light and flash.

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