Tutorial file downloads for Photoshop School in Digital Camera 150

Get start files for the Spring 2014 issue’s Photoshop and Lightroom tutorials

In Digital Camera 150, on sale on Friday 28 March, our Photoshop School section shows you how you can add light trails to low-light images in Photoshop Elements; combine shots with different shutter speeds in Photoshop (pictured above); and use the Histogram in Lightroom to fix shot exposures. Each tutorial includes a start file to help you practise the techniques shown. You can download the start files here.

Create colourful light trails with ease, page 76
Download the start file (ZIP, 15.6MB)

Quick quick slow, page 80
Download the start file (ZIP, 53.1MB)

Fix exposure in Lightroom, page 84
Download the start file (ZIP, 36.7MB)