How to see photos like famous photographers every time you shoot

How to see photos like a famous photographer no matter where you are

If you want to take great photographs you need to learn to see the world around you with fresh eyes. You need to see the world like a famous photographer sees it!

There’s no need to travel to exotic photo locations or drive deep into the countryside to take fantastic shots. The pictures are already all around you – you just need to learn to see them.

Developing an eye for photo composition is something everyone can learn, and something that everyone gets better at with practice. And there is no better place to start than in your own home town.

How to see photos like a famous photographer no matter where you are

Taking pictures on your own doorstep is a tough test for any photographer. Everything is so familiar that you become blind to the potential shots that surround you. So here we’ll share great camera tips and photo ideas to help you rediscover the magic of your own manor.

Learning to ‘shoot local’ is also a great way to save money during the recession. There’s no need to get in a car or board a plane – just open the door and start shooting!

How to simplify a scene

The secret of effective composition is to remember that it’s not only what you frame within your viewfinder that’s important. Just as critical is what you leave out.

We live in a busy, exciting yet messy world, so don’t make the mistake of thinking that you must attempt to capture everything you see within a scene. In fact, often you need to do just the opposite – only capturing a suggestion of the scene in front of you if you want to get quality shots.

Painters can just ignore and leave out the things they don’t want on the canvas, but the photographer needs to be more inventive if he or she is to get a clean, uncluttered composition. Try zooming in, or physically moving in, for a tighter shot.

This will simplify the scene and your shots will soon begin to transform from casual snaps into eye-catching photos.

Check out professional photographers’ travel photos of a busy Moroccan market, for example, and you’ll often see that the best shots are not of the entire colourful scene.

The shots with the most impact are those that focus on a single market stall with a small selection of vibrantly coloured goods. You can use these same techniques in your home town.

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