Boudoir Photos: 10 tips for natural-looking sensual portraits

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    The key part of taking successful boudoir photos is getting the best poses from your sitters. Here are some easy tricks you can use to get natural-looking sensual portraits.

    Boudoir Photos: 10 tips for natural-looking sensual portraits

    1 Lingerie choice
    Ask your subject to come with a wide range of lingerie. The women who book this type of shoot will own this already, but you need to help pick the items that work. Start the shoot with safer options and build towards more racey garments.

    2 Recommended brands
    Most women book their boudoir shoot well in advance – typically two months ahead, so they have a chance to buy new lingerie. La Perla, Agent Provocateur, Myla, BeCheeky, Le Rouge, and Fred and Ginger are great places to shop.

    3 Unmarked skin

    Ask subjects to wear loose fitting clothes on day of shoot and to use clear deodorant. Tight bras and belts leave marks on the skin! Request that any depilation is done a few days in advance.

    4 Buy props
    Collect accessories that will help your shoots. Hunting costume jewellery in markets can get you nicer looking stuff than buying it new. But hats, stoles, perfume bottles and so on are also useful. Furs are useful with larger women.

    5 Chicken fillets
    Carry a pair of cleavage enhancers (or chicken fillets as they are known!). These can cost around £5, and pad out bras so that you get the natural-looking contours even when lying down.

    7 High heels
    Ask them to bring shoes – “Those high heels that you can’t walk in,” our experts tell us!

    8 Insure against ladders
    Have lots of stockings as they always ladder, or clients have suspenders but no stockings!

    9 Flutter of false eyelashes
    Use false eyelashes – semi-permanent ones are best. A make-up artist should have a supply.

    10 Bright white sheets
    Use white linen on beds – it acts as a reflector and any creases look natural.


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