Photoshop Tutorial: master the Curves tool

    | Videos | 18/03/2012 07:00am

    The Curves tool is one of the more powerful weapons in the Photoshop arsenal. This handy function allows you to make precision adjustments to some of the fundamental elements of an image – tone, colour and contrast – and in this short, but essential, Photoshop tutorial we’ll show you how to do just that.

    While the exposure and dynamic range optimisation systems in modern digital cameras are sophisticated, they aren’t foolproof or psychic. Most images can benefit from some post-capture adjustment to their brightness and contrast, and the Photoshop Curves tool is ideal for making these precision adjustments.

    The Curves Panel image brightness is displayed as a histogam and the tones are adjusted by manipulating the shape of the curve above. Most of us know this. But how can you use the Curves tool to get more creative and manipulate colour? Watch our Photoshop video below to learn how to use Curves in a number of creative ways.

    Photoshop Tutorial: master the Curves tool

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