In pictures: Fashion and portrait photography from Sarah Ann Wright


“For shooting all my portraits I use a Canon 5D MK II. I love the Canon 50mm 1.2; it stays on my camera 80% of the time as it just lets in so much light. I can really capture the light and dreamy feel I am looking for in portraits. I also like the Canon 16-35mm lens because I find when used at a certain length it can give a nice bit of distortion, which can add a more interesting element to a portrait.

I’ve always been into art and design and have a particular love for illustration. When I was younger I drew and painted a lot, and I wanted to transition some of the elements of my earlier work (the brighter colours, a soft dreamy feel, and fantasy subjects) into my images when I took up photography. I still draw inspiration today from the world of fine art and illustration and try to merge these themes across the breadth of my portfolio, from fashion through to landscapes. I think these influences lend a more creative quality to my portraiture work. I am also very influenced by costume, props and landscapes, and I like to use these influences to allow my portraits a unique story of their own.” — Sarah Ann Wright

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