10 free photo grids for Photoshop

Free photo grids for Photoshop

Free photo grids for PhotoshopDownload these creative free photo grids and give your digital pictures a stylish finish in Photoshop and Elements

Multi-photo grids are a great way of presenting a collection of themed shots, or for framing one picture in a creative new way. Here we’ve created 10 free photo grids, featuring a range of designs and framing options. Each template comes in A4 size with pre-defined grids ready for use with Photoshop and Elements – just add your own pics.

Download your 10 free photo grids

Below you’ll find large thumbnails of the grids we’ve created, and beneath those we’ve included a handy Photoshop tutorial explaining how to use your new photo grids.











Photoshop Tutorial: how to use your free photo grids

Similar to adding a photo frame to a picture in Photoshop, the process of fitting your shots in a triptych is a breeze. First, open up one of the photo grid PSD files in Photoshop or Elements, along with your selected photos.

Step 1: select a panel

Using the Rectangular Marquee tool, select one of the image panels in the grid. We’ve supplied the grids as PSDs, and you’ll find that Guides are visible, taking the stress out of being precise with the selection.



Step 2: copy and paste

Click on the first image you want to include, then select all (Select > All) and copy (Edit > Copy). Click back onto the grid layer with the selected panel and use Edit > Paste Into.



Step 3: resize the image

Use the anchor points to resize the image and click and hold the left mouse button to move into position. Click the green tick in the top bar to confirm. Repeat this for the other images. (You’ll find the dimensions for each image panel listed on the grid, so you resize or crop images before copying them into the grid.)


Tips and suggestions

• You don’t have to use individual shots for each separate panel – you can use one shot to cover the entire grid, or part of the grid. To do this, click on the Grid Layer in the layers palette, then select one of the panels as in step 1. Now hold down Shift and continue to select other panels. Once you’ve finished, use Edit > Fill (or Fill Selection in Elements) and choose Black as the fill colour. Then, similar to placing a photo in one of our 50 free borders, drag your photo onto the grid and select Screen as the layer blending mode. Resize your image as appropriate.
• For a more creative finish to a single picture, copy it across into the individual panes instead, and try zooming in on some elements, or rearranging the various parts of the scene.
• To enhance the presentation, try Grouping the Image and Grid layers and positioning them higher in the frame, so that more of white Background layer is visible at the bottom than the top.
• Use Image > Rotate Canvas to try a horizontal version.


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