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TPS 2019: Five quick questions with Lindsay Adler

Photographer Lindsay Adler is speaking on Super Stage at TPS 2019
Leading fashion photographer Lindsay Adler appears at The Photography Show on 18 March (Image credit: Lindsay Adler)

Renowned American fashion photographer Lindsay Adler has enjoyed a remarkable career trajectory, progressing from taking ordinary photographs to making extraordinary images. 

Based in New York City, her fashion images have graced numerous publications including Marie Claire, In Style, Elle, Harper’s Bazaar and more. 

Catch Lindsay on the Super Stage during the third day of The Photography Show – Monday 18 March 2019, at 13:15. 

Tickets for the Super Stage speakers are available now for £12 each. The talks will be held in the Toute Suite, just outside the main hall of The Photography Show. 

In the meantime, discover more about Lindsay and her work as she answers five quick questions ahead of her Super Stage appearance.…

Five quick questions with Lindsay Adler 

1. How did you get started in photography? 

I set up my first photography business as a teenager and began with a small-town photo studio out of my parents’ living room. Eventually I rented a storefront on a quaint street in my town. I photographed babies, families, headshots, weddings and  anything else that came my way. 

Eventually I went to university for both business and photography, and it was here that I discovered my love of fashion photography. I loved its control, story-telling, elegance and use of colour. Most importantly, fashion photographers seemed to have a creative freedom that I craved, and so I started to evolve my work to include these striking visual elements that I admired. 

Photographer Lindsay Adler is speaking on Super Stage at TPS 2019

'Crescent', a collaboration between Lindsay Adler and Lory Sun (Image credit: Lindsay Adler )

2. Is it hard to find new ideas and concepts? 

I’m actively seeking inspiration every single day. This is from the Instagram accounts I follow, by going to museums, watching visually compelling movies, perusing photography books… Get out there and expose yourself to painters, illustrators, mixed media artists, art films and more. What inspires you? It is locations? Clothing? Colour? Texture? Characters? Books? When you find where you are most inspired, dive in deeper and immerse yourself in your muses. 

Photographer Lindsay Adler is speaking on Super Stage at TPS 2019

Colored gels play a big part in Lindsay Adler's fashion photography  (Image credit: Lindsay Adler)

3. Describe your photographic style to someone who’s never seen your work. 

My style is bold and graphic, and I portray women with both elegance and strength. I shoot in extremes — high-contrast black and white, or super-saturated color. Every element of my frame is polished and purposeful. Often, I try to mix together a dash of the past, present and future. 

Photographer Lindsay Adler is speaking on Super Stage at TPS 2019

Lindsay Adler's clients include record labels, cosmetic companies and skincare brands  (Image credit: Lindsay Adler)

4. In your free time, what kind of images do you like to shoot and which do you avoid? 

Every single month I set aside at least two days to shoot my own personal work – images where there is no client. Instead, I’ll explore different creative concepts and techniques. 

These creative shoot days are incredibly important, as they help me to build up my portfolio and create new content for social media. They also allow me to flex and work my creative muscles. 

Photographer Lindsay Adler is speaking on Super Stage at TPS 2019

Lindsay Adler's photography is renowned for using striking colours and compositions  (Image credit: Lindsay Adler)

5. You’re known for providing many tutorials and tips about photography. Do you enjoy teaching? 

I love teaching, for two main reasons. When I teach others my craft, it forces me to have a deeper understanding of my craft and therefore I become a better photographer. When I teach posing, for example, I must break down exactly what I consider a successful pose and how I achieved it. When I teach lighting, I must break down the technique, the concepts, the tools and more. As I dissect the concept and the execution, I always deepen my understanding of what I’ve devoted my life to. 

Of course, I also want to help others to become better at their passions more quickly. I found my passion at an early age and developed a career. Not everyone has this luxury. I create the classes and tutorials that I wish existed for me when I first started, and aim to help people master their craft more quickly. 

Booking details

Lindsay Adler will be speaking on the Super Stage at 13:15 on Monday 18 March 2019. Tickets cost £12.

There are over 200 exhibitors and over 300 free talks and demonstrations at The Photography Show, and sister event The Video Show. Tickets for the main show are available now, and you can get 25% off advance, single-day, adult tickets using the code DCAMTPS19 if you book by 13 March.

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