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Lume Cube Light Stand T60 announced

Lume Cube has announced the Light Stand T60, its first adjustable light stand. The San Diego-based outfit is primarily known for its namesake LED cubes – and more recently LED panels and anti-collision drone lights – but its latest innovation is a 5ft adjustable lighting stand that can be collapsed down to 14 inches for stowing in even the most conservative kit bags. 

The T60 includes a 180-degree Tilt Head so you can angle attachments accordingly, and the head sports a standard ¼-inch 20 attachment for compatibility with many of the best LED light panels. Despite only weighing in at 1.25lbs, the lighting stand has a 6lb payload.

A neat touch is the ¼-inch 20 screw’s spring-loaded surround. This rubbery surface is pushed down the more a screw-on accessory is tightened. According to Lume Cube: “It allows it to stay really snug; it won’t go anywhere.” 

The legs extend at the push of a button and lengthening the stand is as simple as twisting and pulling the tilt head, before twisting it again to lock it in place. Even when extended the legs can be retracted so the stand can be handheld and used as a boom.

If you’ve been perusing Cyber Monday deals for the best LED light panels or are an existing Lume Cube user, the Lume Cube Light Stand T60 is available now.

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