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Benro announces Benro Polaris – the world's first ever electric tripod head

Benro Polaris tripod head
(Image credit: Benro)

Benro has announced its latest tripod head, an innovative new product called Polaris. This unusual tripod head features electrical controls along with programmable features via the use of an app. The Benro Polaris also includes the ability to connect to your cameras for more complex movements and features. Through the use of Wi-Fi, the Polaris can use its connection with your camera to help the photographer create precise compositions. 

As a tripod manufacturer, Benro has a vast catalogue of products ranging from small travel tripods to huge studio tripods. More recently, Benro has started to to produce gimbals and now the world's first electric tripod head. 

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While products such the Camranger 2 or the Smartta SliderMini 2 offer features that allow you to control your camera and/or perform some kind of movement, we've not seen tripod heads include features like these before. These movements can generally be used to produce video clips and time lapses – perfect for videographers looking to add some visual interest into their footage. The Benro Polaris seems to incorporate these video-friendly features into a convenient tripod head package. 

(Image credit: Benro)

As a tripod head, users will be able to shoot conventionally and program certain movements via the dedicated app. These movements include the ability to perform time lapses and even tracking constellations (which will apparently require a connection to the camera). 

Made from aluminum and steel, the head weighs 1.1kg, and has a maximum payload of 7kg. 

You can find out more information from the Benro Polaris Kickstarter page. Benro is also currently running a launch special where you can purchase the Polaris for $499, down from its standard price of $839 for the basic timelapse version of the motorized head. 

The version that offers star-tracking functionality will retail for $999 (but is $599 during the crowd-funding campaign. 

A premium version with cellular connectivity will cost $1199 (or $699 for the first 300 supporters).

Benro is expecting the first Polaris units to start shipping in July.

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