Anker Prime 240W GaN Desktop Charger: a tidy desk is a powerful thing

The Anker Prime 240W is a great-looking charger for your desk with impressive power but a few flaws

Anker Prime 240W GaN Desktop Charger on a wooden table
(Image: © Gareth Bevan / Digital Camera World)

Digital Camera World Verdict

While I am still so impressed with the Anker Prime 240W desktop charger, I really wanted to love it more. Firstly, it looks great and is something that I am happy to display on my desk, and secondly, the power output is enough to keep my laptop and all my other devices charged up simultaneously. However, a few things stopped me from being totally head over heels. The charger sits in an unsteady stand, and the hardwired power cable made placement in my desk setup harder than I would have liked.


  • +

    All the power a deskful of devices is going to need

  • +

    Looks sleek

  • +

    Single port power enough for demanding devices


  • -

    Stand for charger isn’t stable enough

  • -

    Hardwired in mains power

  • -

    Not made for traveling

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I now have so many devices on my desk that keeping them all topped up with power is becoming a real nightmare. Down by my feet, I have a powerstrip fit to burst with several differently powered chargers for my MacBook, my phone, my cameras, my watch… you get the idea. This in turn leads to wires trailing up and down the back of my desk which I continually catch with my feet when I am fidgeting.

Anker Prime 240W: Specifications

Total power: 240W
Single port: 140W, 100W, 100W, 22.5W
Ports: 3x USB-C, 1x USB-A
Size: 104.5 x 78.4 x 33.8 mm (4.11 x 3.09 x 1.33 in)
Weight: 656 g (23 oz)

Ugreen Nexode 300W desktop charger

If you want one of the most powerful desktop chargers on the market right now then the Ugreen Nexode 300W desktop charger is one to check out. Besting the Anker’s top output by an additional 60W, and adding an extra port means that if you have a lot of devices that need charging simultaneously then this might serve you better.

Ugreen Nexode 140W charger

If you want a lot of power but want to also be more mobile, then the Ugreen Nexode 140W charger provides 140W of power across three ports, or all via a single port for one demanding device. The charger is also lightweight and quite compact for powering up while on the move.

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Gareth Bevan
Reviews Editor

Gareth is a photographer based in London, working as a freelance photographer and videographer for the past several years, having the privilege to shoot for some household names. With work focusing on fashion, portrait and lifestyle content creation, he has developed a range of skills covering everything from editorial shoots to social media videos. Outside of work, he has a personal passion for travel and nature photography, with a devotion to sustainability and environmental causes.