When will Canon stop supporting your camera?

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One of the most frustrating parts of camera ownership is you can't be sure if or when your camera might break. Cameras usually come with a manufacturer warranty from the date of purchase that covers against anything that might go wrong from manufacturing defects, but this usually only lasts for a year, with Canon offering a more generous two years on most products.

Cameras, especially in professional use, can be put under a lot of stress, with lots of moving buttons, dials, and other parts that can easily fail when used repeatedly. So it is good to know when buying a new camera just how long you might be able to get support, after your official warranty has ended.

Canon helpfully publishes a list of its latest digital cameras alongside dates that it will cease supporting them (spotted by Canon Rumors). Although have no fear, as most recent Canon cameras this end of support is far in the future. Canon's original Canon EOS R camera, released in 2019 and still a great purchase for anyone buying one today, will receive customer support and repairs from Canon all the way up until November 2029.

Canon's super popular EOS M range appears to have stopped being supported with new product releases as Canon refocuses on its EOS R cameras, but that hasn't stopped Canon from offering support for the entire range, with the Canon EOS M6 Mark II receiving support up until March 2029.

Even Canon's DSLR range has a long period of ongoing support, with the EOS 5D Mark III, which was first released in 2012, still able to get support and repairs from Canon up until next year (March 2024). Canon certainly doesn't think DSLRs are dead as the majority of its DSLR lineup from the last decade does not even have an estimated end date, showing Canon is willing to keep supporting them as long as it is necessary.

Most likely, if you have bought a camera in the last couple of years, you will have to wait quite a while longer to find out when your support might eventually be cut off by Canon, with a huge number of Canon cameras being listed without support end dates. With the EOS R getting a 10-year span of support, this might be a good estimate for the mirrorless range going forward, although Canon might choose to support more pricey professional cameras like the Canon EOS R3 for longer.

Even after Canon ends support, Canon cameras are so popular that third-party repair shops will be able to secure parts for repairs to long support your camera even after Canon's official support has stopped.

You can find the full list of all Canon products and their support timeframes on the Canon Global website. 

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