What's ahead for GoPro in 2023?

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In 2022 GoPro had a lot to offer with the release of the new GoPro Hero 11 Black, and a new edition to its tiny offering in the form of the GoPro Hero 11 Black Mini.

The cameras both sport the same 10-bit sensor which was the real headline feature in 2022, with its 8:7 aspect ratio and 27MP resolution – so from one take, you can crop 9:16 clips for TikTok, 1:1 clips for Instagram, and 16:9 clips for YouTube without losing a ton of detail.

At the live launch of the Hero 11 Black, GoPro showed us a near-identical design to 2021's excellent Hero 10 Black. The stripped-back Hero 11 Black Mini, meanwhile, is a sort-of follow-up to the Hero 10 Black Bones– , which also went on sale to drone users in 2022. They also feature GoPro's Enduro battery technology in the box and a simplified software experience. 

The key differences between the two cameras are screens and mounts. The Hero 11 Black Mini ditches both the front and rear screen, and its Enduro battery is built-in. It isn't all compromise for the Mini, though – there's an extra set of mounting legs around the back of the camera.

GoPro Hero 11 Black Mini (Image credit: GoPro)

What will GoPro bring in 2023?

Those two cameras changed the game when it comes to the best action cameras, and we are convinced that these two action cams will still be big hitters in 2023, but what can we expect from GoPro in 2023?

Well, we can be almost certain that there will be no more traditional action cams from GoPro until September 2023, but that doesn't include 360-degree action cams, and I think we will see the new successor to the GoPro Max in the form of the GoPro Max 2.

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GoPro Max 2 rumors have officially started to get some traction, so why is this interesting and what could the new camera offer? Well, we could potentially see the action camera brand take a step further by offering a new 360 with better-integrated software, which is quite possible seeing that the new GoPro Hero 11 action cams now offer better software integration, compared to previous editing software available for the GoPro Max, it was a bit of a painstaking task, and we noted that the app experience needed work at the time.

In our GoPro Max 2: what we know so far we reported that a patent application by GoPro shows a variety of images that could be chosen as a starting point for each frame and angle to be chosen. This will be done in editing software and would make the whole 360-degree camera editing nightmare become a smooth reality.

(Image credit: GoPro / USPTO)

GoPro Max 2: When will it launch?

GoPro Hero models are normally updated annually almost like clockwork in September – but the aged GoPro Max is now three years old and is certainly due for a refresh. 2023 would be the perfect time to announce a new 360 camera and it could be launched around September like other GoPro's have been in the past. Of course, all of this information is simply speculation, until GoPro officially announces the details of the GoPro Max 2.

The market for 360 cameras is always increasing. With the benchmark now truly set by the likes of Insta360, GoPro will have to pull out all the stops to take back the market share.

If this has been interesting then you might want to take a look at our best GoPro camera guide or if you think you'll be fine with the current model you can video our review of the GoPro Max

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