GoPro cameras get big boost to battery life with launch of Enduro power pack

GoPro Enduro battery
(Image credit: GoPro)

GoPro has launched a new battery for its Hero9 Black and Hero10 Black action cameras that offers significant runtimes - and particularly so in cold conditions. The GoPro Enduro battery will go on sale from the end of November.

GoPro has also announced that a firmware update for the Hero10 will improve video recording times even with the standard GoPro battery. The update will be available by the end of October via the Quik app. 

The GoPro Enduro battery will sell for $24.99/£24.99 as a spare battery upgrade, and claims to use revolutionary technology to dramatically improves Hero10 and Hero9 Black camera performance in cold temperatures experienced, say, when snowboarding  - whilst also extending recording times in moderate temperatures. 

At a battery temperature of 14°F / -10°C with a Hero10 Black, the Enduro battery enables:
• 56 minutes of 5.3K60 video,
• 50 minutes of 4K120 video ,
• 76 minutes of 4K60 video and
• 115 minutes of 1080p30 video recording. 

GoPro points out that the ambient temperature would likely be much colder than the stated battery temperature.

The Enduro pack also significantly increases video recording time at higher temperatures too. At 77°F / 25°C, the Enduro battery enables the Hero 10 to record for:
• 60 minutes of 5.3K60 video (a 28% improvement over the standard battery),
•  51 minutes of 4K120 video (a 40% improvement over the standard battery),
• 71 minutes of 4K60 video (a 13% improvement over the standard battery) 

Firmware update 

Meanwhile, the Hero10 Black’s firmware will add three “Video Performance Modes” that make it easy to prolong the battery life in certain scenarios.

• Maximum Video Performance Mode – Maximum resolution and frame rates for the very best image quality and ultra-slow-motion video. 

• Extended Battery Mode – Optimal resolutions and frame rates for the longest possible video recording times and maximum battery life. 

• Tripod / Stationary Video Mode – Optimized for recording long video clips at the highest resolutions and frame rates when the camera is stationary without motion or airflow to cool the camera. GPS and HyperSmooth video stabilization are turned off in this mode. This allows around 47% more runtime when shooting 5.3K video at 60fps with the Hero10 - giving a 29 minute maximum clip duration. When shooting at 4K at 60fps, the runtime can be increased by a staggering 154% - allowing 63-minute clips.

A future firmware update, we are told, will enable even longer clip lengths in 5.3K30 and 4K30.

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