The Sharp 8K Video Camera is still alive – will it have 8K 60p in 2021?

The Sharp 8K Video Camera is still alive –will it have 8K 60p in 2021?
(Image credit: Sharp / 43 Rumors)

UPDATE: Here's your biannual confirmation that the Sharp 8K Video Camera is apparently still alive, as the manufacturer has shared a new photo of the camera – despite remaining completely silent about it since July.

Despite being the first consumer 8K body to be announced, the Sharp 8K Video Camera was beaten to market by the Canon EOS R5. Sharp had previously stated that its 33MP Micro Four Thirds camera would be released in "second half 2020", though it clearly will no longer meet that projection.

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Sharp had been working on increasing the maximum frame-rate from 8K 30p to 8K 60p, which may account for part of the delay. In any case the camera still appears to be in active development, as the company shared a new image (thanks, 43 Rumors). Will we finally see this camera in 2021? Fingers crossed…

(Image credit: Sharp)

ORIGINAL STORY (03 Jul): The much anticipated Sharp 8K Video Camera is one step closer to its "second half 2020" release, as it has just made its first appearance on the Sharp website. 

So what do we know about Sharp's camera? The manufacturer has yet to actually put anything on paper, as until this point the product has only ever appeared at trade shows like CES, where it was always a darling among the vlogging and videography crowd. 

The latest development has simply seen Sharp add the camera – described as the "world's smallest interchangeable lens 8K video camera" – to its page listing all its 8K products (including monitors, TVs, camcorders and hard drives). 

As such, all that we officially know about the camera comes from what Sharp's technical spokesperson Cliff Quiroga has revealed in interviews. Photo Rumors has helpfully collated the expected specs

• 8k at 30 fps in H.265 codec (Sharp is working on 60 fps)
• 4k or HD up to 60p at 200 Mbits/s at 10-bit
• UI fully implemented
• Micro Four Thirds lens mount
• CMOS sensor (no sensor info besides Micro Four Thirds format)
• Mini-XLR input
• Full HDMI out
• Headphone and audio jacks
• One SD memory card
• 5.5" fully articulating touchscreen HD LCD (swivel)
• Release timeframe: second half of 2020 for Japan, US shortly after
• Price under $5,000 (update: priced between $2,800 - $3,700)
• 1 SD card slot
• Ultra-compact BMC design
• Looks like the Blackmagic Pocket camera
• Red could be involved with this camera (Foxconn and Sharp were considering to invest in Red to develop an affordable 8K camera)

We heard last year that the Sharp 8K Video Camera will feature a 33MP Micro Four Thirds sensor in a new 16:9 ratio – a completely new sensor design by Sharp, unlike anything seen in Olympus and Panasonic cameras (which feature 4:3 sensors that max out at 20.1MP). 

Clearly the Canon EOS R5 outguns it in many tech respects, but the Sharp model will have the advantage in size – both in terms of its smaller footprint and its massive 5.5-inch rear screen. And if it really does sell for somewhere between $2,800-$3,700, Sharp could be set to give Canon a real run for its money on the new 8K battlefield. 

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