Atomos unleashes new Shogun 6K and 8K RAW monitors in October

Atomos Shogun and Atomos Shogun Ultra
(Image credit: Atomos)

Atomos has revealed the new generation of Shogun monitors, the Atomos Shogun 7” HDR Monitor-Recorder 6K RAW and the Atomos Shogun Ultra 7” HDR Monitor-Recorder 8K RAW, scheduled for release in October 2023. 

Launched at IBC 2023, the new monitors are the successors of the much-loved original Shogun monitors that left a stamp on the industry by enhancing the creative workflow of filmmakers worldwide. The new monitors look set to continue the success of the previous models by boasting an array of improved features. 

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The Shogun and Shogun Ultra both sport a 7-inch display with 2,000 nits of brightness, offering complete visibility even on the brightest of days. Both monitors incorporate a host of connectivity options that include In-Out 12G-SDI, HDMI 2.0 In & Out, Wi-Fi, Ethernet, and AirGlu. When it comes to codecs, the monitors have an extensive selection that includes 6K Apple ProRes RAW (and 8K with Shogun Ultra), Apple ProRes, DNxHD, and H.265. 

Both monitors have local and cloud-based modes, offering more recording and workflow capabilities. The Local mode employs the recently revealed AtomOS 11 as its foundation and is packed with an extensive monitoring suite that incorporates tools such as RecordAssist, PlaybackAssist, ELZone, and Arri False Color. All this is conveniently pre-configured and ready to use, straight out of the box. 

Cloud mode offers a range of wireless and network capabilities, allowing for cloud-based workflow for camera-to-cloud and Atomos Edit. Atomos Cloud Studio ACS  offers further ability for remote collaboration and live production. Other capabilities include top-tier Wi-Fi, Ethernet, and AirGlu wireless synchronization technology.

The Atomos Shogun Ultra 7” HDR Monitor-Recorder 8K RAW (Image credit: Atomos)

The Shogun Ultra monitor takes things further by supporting Dual Record ProRes RAW / H.265 for Camera to Cloud. It also continues to impress by offering SDICine, providing automated matching of filenames, timecode synchronization, and record triggering compatibility with professional cameras from Arri, Canon, Red, and Sony SDI cameras.

The new monitors are scheduled to ship in October 2023 at the price of around $1,330 / £1,070 / AU$2,045 for the Atomos Shogun 7” HDR Monitor-Recorder 6K RAW, and $2,460 / £1,290 / AU$2,460 for the Atomos Shogun Ultra 7” HDR Monitor-Recorder 8K RAW.

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