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TTartisan launches another budget fast prime for crop sensors

(Image credit: TTartisan)

Super-affordable fast prime lenses by TTartisan just keep on coming, with the new release of the TTartisan 17mm f1/4 – a steal at just $118. Designed for crop-sensor mirrorless cameras, the lens will be available in Sony E, Canon EOS-M, Fuji X and Micro Four Thirds mounts.

Hot on the heals of the company's sub–$100 50mm f/1.2 lens released last month, and the $73 TTartisan 35mm f/1.4 last year, the TTartisan 17mm f/1.4 is another affordable fast manual prime lens option for your mirrorless system, this time at a wider angle. 

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On APS-C cameras the TTartisan 17mm f/1.4 would be the 35mm equivalent of a 27.2mm f/1.4 lens, the traditional wide-angle focal length for full-frame and film cameras. On Olympus and Panasonic Micro Four Thirds systems, however, the TTartisan 17mm f/1.4 would be the equivalent of a 34mm lens.

The only real rivals in this price bracket would be the Laowa 17mm for MFT mount, the Sony E 16mm f/2.8 pancake or the Canon EOS-M 22mm f/2, but none of these lenses are as fast or as cheap as the TTartisan 17mm f/1.4.

Despite the low price, it seems that TTartisan hasn't cut corners on construction, with the lens featuring CNC machined full-metal body. It also has a compact design, measuring just 58mm (2.28in) long by 54mm (2.13in) wide and weighing just 247g (0.54lb), making it ideal for travel or street photography.

The lens is constructed from nine elements in eight groups, has 10 aperture blades and a minimum focus distance of 0.2m (7.87in). It does have an unusual filter size of 40.5mm so screw-in filter options might be limited.

The TTartisan 17mm f/1.4 lens is available for pre-order on the TTartisan online store and is also available on Amazon UK, Amazon US and Amazon CA.

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