The need for speed: CFexpress Type B has a new fastest card

Nextorage B1 Pro CFexpress Type B card
(Image credit: Nextorage, Future)

The CFexpress Type B speed race continues, and we now have a new speed king: the Nextorage B1 Pro. Boasting a maximum read speed of 1950MB/s, it narrowly beats the previous fastest Type B card, the 1900MB/s Lexar Professional Diamond Series. However it's write speed where the new Nextorage B1 Pro really stretches its legs. Whereas the Lexar card could 'only' manage a 1700MB/s write rate, the B1 Pro is capable of up to 1900MB/s - impressive stuff. Equally impressive is the B1 Pro's minimum sustained write speed of 1800MB/s, which marks a third Type B speed record, and easily earns the card VPG400 certification.

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(Image credit: Nextorage, Future)

Another neat feature of the B1 Pro is Dynamic Auto Power Save, a unique system developed by Nextorage for low power consumption during video recording. Nextorage claim up to a 68% power saving relative to non-pSLC-equipped CFexpress cards, saving both camera battery life and also helping prevent thermal throttling from triggering by reducing card temperature.

As we've come to expect from high-performance Type B cards, available capacities are a little unusual, with 165GB, 330GB, 660GB and 1330GB versions available. All capacity options operate at the full 1950/1900MB/s and carry a 5-year warranty. Inevitably, this much performance doesn't come cheap, with even the lowest capacity 165GB B1 Pro coming in at $199.99. Prices the double in line with capacity, reaching $1599.99 for the 1330GB card.

(Image credit: Nextorage, Future)

If you'd rather save some cash, Nextorage is also launching a second range of Type B cards: the B1 SE series. Available in 128GB and 256GB capacities, they're priced at a more palatable $99.99 and $139.99, respectively. Go for the 256GB card and you even get the same 1950MB/s max read speed as the B1 Pro, however the 128GB capacity tops out at a more mundane 1100MB/s. Write speeds also differ between the two capacities: 1100MB/s for the 256GB card and 550MB/s for the 128GB. Minimum sustained write speeds are 200MB/s (256GB) and 100MB/s (128GB).

Both ranges are scheduled for availability in late December from Amazon.

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