Take my money! Lego is about to launch its most stylish camera model yet

LEGO Ideas 21345 Polaroid OneStep SX-70 Camera
(Image credit: The LEGO Group)

Like the idea of a retro-styled Polaroid camera like the Polaroid Now+, but aren't quite so keen on the cost of keeping it fuelled with film? Help is at hand, courtesy of Lego! Images have just leaked of the upcoming Lego Ideas Polaroid OneStep SX-70 Camera, due for release in early 2024. 

The brick-built camera is a beautifully faithful recreation of Polaroid's iconic Land Camera 1000 from 1977, down to the distinctive rainbow stripe on the front panel, and the designer seems to have nailed the correct proportions of the overall body shape.

(Image credit: The LEGO Group)

The new set, number 21345, is based on a fan-submitted design from early 2022 which received over 10,000 community supporters - enough for Lego to consider putting the one-off design into mass production. The retail version doesn't seem to be quite as intricate as the original prototype, but likely compromises had to be made to ensure the retail set complied with Lego's strict requirements for ease of assembly and the solidity of the model's finished construction.

(Image credit: The LEGO Group)

In-keeping with the original fan-designed prototype, the official Lego model is capable of spitting out plastic Lego 'photos', turning an otherwise static display piece into a more functional model. Given the size and piece count of the set, we doubt the 'film' transport will be motorized, but being Lego, there's always scope to try and modify the set yourself with extra features - 'Pimp my Polaroid', anyone? The camera looks like it's supplied with three Lego-themed Polaroid photos, as well as a period-correct depiction of a Polaroid film box in which to store the photos.

The Lego Polaroid kit will comprise of 516 pieces (Image credit: The LEGO Group)

As with all Lego Ideas-themed sets, the Polaroid OneStep SX-70 Camera 21345 is aimed squarely at adult builders, and as such it carries an 18+ age rating to distinguish it from the brand's child-focussed sets. An exact launch date for the set has not been announced, as the set is yet to be listed on Lego.com, but we suspect it'll surface in January. Until then, if your itch for a Lego Camera needs to be scratched right now, why not pre-order Lego's new 3-in-1 retro camera set, due for release on January 1st?

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