New Lego 3-in-1 retro camera set coming January 1st — and it's a bargain

Lego 31147 Camera 3-in-1 Creator set
(Image credit: Lego)

Lego's new 3-in-1 Creator set, going on sale January 1 2024, is called 'Retro Camera'. The main design is a traditional SLR, with the other two builds possible from the same 261 pieces being a camcorder with a very early noughties vibe and a cool retro TV.

This is just one sign of love for the world of photography we've seen from the Lego universe recently. The Lego Disney Tribue Camera is already in stores, for one. We've also seen recently a huge surge in votes for a Lego Leica through the company's ideas program; the means that the company encourages its fans to submit new set designs in exchange for a royalty.

Lego 31147 Camera 3-in-1 Creator set

(Image credit: Lego)

The Lego Leica M6, though, still needs to reach some more milestones in its journey through Lego Ideas. The 3-in-1 Creator sets are designed by Lego staffers with the goal of encouraging children to build, demolish and rebuild. They are not co-branded (like Lego Star Wars etc.), and are very varied – my son has a 3-in-1 dinosaur set, for example, and the series includes a space shuttle and a unicorn.

Here the SLR camera has a moving lens, a door that opens and a film that can be loaded (though some might note that, for the convenience of the design part reuse, the camera appears to shoot portrait format onto the film which will no doubt irk some). 

The retro video camera has a more noughties vibe, with a monitor in an opening flap – Lego suggests it will make fun role play. Perhaps the strangest thing will be explaining a physical antenna as seen on the retro TV design which also sports cool rounded edges.

As well as emphasising the repeat play experience, the Creator 3-in-1 sets are very reasonably priced. Some Lego sets can hit $1,000 / £700 / AU$1,500, but this is just $20 / £17.99 / AU$30 – and a Lego camera would look very nice on the shelf or in play! There are printed instructions in the box or kids (of all ages) can follow along with 3D graphics on an app if they prefer.

Sadly, although the set is available for pre-order on the Lego site, you won't be able to give it as a Christmas present. Still, it might be a great thing to do with any vouchers you've picked up!

If you're looking for the best kids cameras and the best drones for kids, we've assembled guides. Another great Christmas treat is one of the best instant cameras.

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