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Synology launches new cloud backup solution for your digital devices

Synology launches new cloud backup solution for your digital devices
(Image credit: Synology)

Synology has announced a new entry-level NAS (network-attached storage) designed for home and personal users to store and share their photos, videos and documents. This private cloud device will allow everyone in your household to back up their photos, videos and files on the DS220j. 

This cloud solution is powered by the award-winning DiskStation Manager (DSM) OS. This is designed to provide an intuitive user interface and safe data protection approaches for easy digital asset backups from both computers and mobile devices at no additional cost. 

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The DS220j has a 64-bit 4-core 1.4 GHz CPU (central processing unit) and is capable of more than 112MB/s for both reading and writing data. It also features RAID 1 protection to avoid sudden drive failure, which can help set your mind at ease that you won't have to worry about losing vital files. 

The DiskStation DS200j supports up to 32TB and MacOS Time Machine. It also backs up and synchronizes with other devices and public clouds as well. 

Interestingly, unlike subscription services such as Dropbox and iCloud, you won't have to pay public-cloud subscription fees to use the DS220j. This will certainly be an attractive option to those looking to shave some money of their monthly outgoings.

One of the most exciting features from the DS220j is that you can turn it into a home media hub and stream your digital content to computers, mobile devices, Samsung TV, Apple TV and more. Synology's comprehensive backup solutions are also designed to protect your digital assets on Windows and Mac computers and Android and iOS phones. This will help prevent the success of malicious attacks, including the rising threat from encryption-based ransomware.

The DiskStation DS220j also offers seamless integration with mobile devices, designed to give you quick and secure access to your data, no matter where you are. 

For more information on this product, you can visit Synology's website.

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