Sony overtakes Canon for market share – and OM System (Olympus) holds onto third

top market shareholders of mirrorless cameras
(Image credit: Sony/Canon/Om-Systems)

Sony has overtaken Canon as the number one seller of mirrorless cameras in Japan, while OM System (formerly Olympus) continued hold third place ahead of giants such as Nikon and Fujifilm. 

The results may be somewhat surprising, since Sony hasn’t released a new camera since the Sony A7 IV in October 2021. Both Fujifilm and Canon have had more recent releases, with the Fujifilm X-H2S and the Canon EOS R10 and the Canon EOS R7, although many are dealing with stock shortages. 

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The data comes courtesy of the latest BCN Retail report (hat tip to Sony Alpha Rumors) and paints a familiar picture of the ongoing three-way dance in Japan, where to the surprise of many OM System holds a traditional stranglehold on third place – which has no doubt been strengthened by the overwhelmingly positive reception to the new OM System OM-1.

Even though Nikon recently released the new Nikon Z30, it failed to crack the top three brands. One of the things that Canon, Fujifilm and Nikon's new cameras have in common is that they all have APS-C sensors – but the lack of a viewfinder on the Z30 makes its target market completely different. 

For content creators and vloggers, Nikon’s choice to lower costs, get rid of the viewfinder and instead include a flip-out screen made the Z30 perfect for those looking to upgrade from their smartphone’s camera. Despite being the newest camera next to the APS-C Nikon Z fc and the Nikon Z50, it cost the least yet had the same sensor, focal points and continuous burst rate as the other models. 

Mirrorless market share holders from BCN Retail data (Image credit: BCN Retail)

The Fujifilm X-H2S is a great camera for photographers and videographers, but it’s also by far the most expensive recent APS-C release. It features the brand-new stacked 26.1MP sensor and can shoot 40 frames per second with the electric shutter, but its video capabilities are where it shines. It’s by far the best of any X-series camera with its ability to shoot 10-bit 6k 30p, making it a massive step up for pros. 

The Canon EOS R10 and R7 share a few similarities, but the R7 is definitely aimed more at the serious photographers who need faster shutter speed and more resolution or videographers who need the added benefit of in-body stabilization. While the R10 is is more catered to an enthusiast photographer looking to upgrade from a DSLR or a smartphone, the R7 is has a lot of high-spec features such as in body-stabilization that we haven't previously seen in a Canon APS-C body. 

It’s not clear why there is a sudden spike in the sale of Sony cameras, though it will be interesting to see the change in market share when the Canon EOS R7 and the Nikon Z30 become more readily available…

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