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Save $2,700 on medium format camera kit! Pentax 645Z + 75mm lens slashed

Pentax 645Z
(Image credit: B&H)

If you’re looking to upgrade from full frame to medium format you can now take full advantage of this great deal from B&H, saving you $2,700 on a Pentax 645Z camera – or for the same price of $4,997, you can pick up a ready to shoot kit consisting of the Pentax 645Z along with 75mm f/2.8 lens. To us this is an incredible deal that cannot be missed!

Pentax 645Z + 75mm f/2.8|

Pentax 645Z + 75mm f/2.8|was $7,697|now $4,997
SAVE $2,700
With a 51.5MP sensor and an 100-204,800 ISO range, the Pentax 645Z combined with the 75mm f/2.8 lens is the perfect upgrade to medium format photography.

The Pentax 645Z was launched in 2014, but remains one of the best medium format camera options thanks to its 51.4MP CMOS sensor, with a maximum low-light sensitivity of ISO204,800.

Pentax designed the camera to be used outdoors and in the elements, making the magnesium alloy body dustproof and weather-resistant – something that most medium format cameras do not offer even today.

Along with dual SD card slots, tilting LCD screen and good autofocus performance, the Pentax 645Z system offers a wide range of optics to choose from the catalogue of best Pentax lenses

You can go fully manual and buy some great lenses that were previously designed for the original medium format film camera, Pentax 645, or you can opt for the more modern FA style lenses that feature autofocus and weatherproofing. You will also be spoilt for choice on focal lengths as the range starts at 35mm and goes all the way to 400mm.

Today the Pentax 645Z offers a gateway into medium format photography at an affordable price point without too many compromises along the way, plus the added benefit of weather sealing and dust proof body gives users a piece of mind if it starts to rain while on location.

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