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Save $199 on Google Pixel 4 in this amazing Amazon deal

Save $199 on Google Pixel 4 in this amazing Amazon deal
(Image credit: Google)

If you've been promising to treat yourself to a new smartphone then now is the perfect time, as the brilliant Google Pixel 4 has been slashed by $199 at Amazon. 

It is still one of the best camera phones out there, especially at this price point: you can purchase the Google Pixel 4 64GB in Just Black for only $599.95 at Amazon – a huge saving on its $799 suggested retail price!

Google Pixel 4 64GB (Just Black): $599.95 (was $799)
The Pixel 4 lacks the bigger screen and battery of its XL brother, but it's still a great point-and-shooter with dual lenses (one telephoto) and an awesome Astro mode. View Deal

In automatic mode, the Pixel 4 is a fantastic point and shoot camera. Give it good lighting and it captures punchy images which still pack balance, as well as plenty of detail. Dynamic range is exceptional, doing a particularly good job of evening out extreme highlights. 

The new Astromode is without a doubt, the biggest selling point of the latest Pixel’s camera, holding the shutter open for in excess of four minutes to grab huge amounts of detail from night skies. 

he Pixel 4 looks great, runs stock Android 10, and has a great camera. 

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