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Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 ISN'T coming with an S Pen – and here's why

Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 ISN'T coming with an S Pen – and here's why
(Image credit: Samsung)

Anticipation for the Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 has been building for a while, with various rumors sprouting forth about what exactly this upcoming handset will look like. Some had initially wondered whether the Fold 2 would be coming with the S Pen stylus to complement the full 'phablet' size of the phone when fully unfolded. 

However, it now appears that there won't be an S Pen addition to the Fold 2 – but there is a good reason for this exclusion. Apparently, Samsung hasn't yet been able to develop a cover window that's flexible enough to be folded, but sturdy enough not to be damaged by a stylus pen.

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The original Samsung Galaxy Fold used a transparent polyimide film made out of plastic, named Infinity Flex Display. However, with the release of the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip in early 2020, Samsung has recently moved to using an ultra-thin glass (UTG) instead. According to, Samsung's preferred ultra-thin glass thickness for its foldable phone screen material is less than a tenth of the thickness of Corning Gorilla Glass 6, which is the material used for the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 screen. The Note 10 screen thickness is 0.4 to 1.2mmm, but the thickness of the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip is only 0.03mm. 

Samsung has decided that neither UTG and transparent polyimide film are suitable for the use of a stylus. However, on the bright side, Samsung is apparently working to increase the thickness of UTG so that it can withstand the pressure of a stylus.

So, while we might eventually see a Samsung Galaxy Fold with an S Pen, it doesn't seem that it'll be Fold 2.

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