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PlayStation 5 HD Camera: why you need the PS5 camera for your console

PlayStation 5 HD Camera: why you need the PS5 camera for your console
(Image credit: Sony)

If you're getting a PS5, you may also be considering the PlayStation 5 HD Camera. But why do you need the PS5 Camera

Well, for starters, the PlayStation 5 HD Camera is the only native PS5 camera for the console – there are currently no alternatives available from third parties. And while the existing PS4 camera can be used via an adapter, it only features creaky 720p resolution and doesn't boast the new tricks of the new PS5 version. 

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So, what exactly does the PlayStation 5 HD Camera actually do? As you may well have guessed, it's basically a webcam that connects to your PlayStation 5 – but it's so much more than that. 

Sony's new console is, once again, tailor-made for live streaming, with a dedicated 'create' button on the DualSense control pad. Press this button and you can start recording or streaming video – and the PS5 Camera integrates with the console to offer picture-in-picture broadcasting to enable you to present content on your preferred platform, such as Twitch and YouTube

(Image credit: Sony)

Even better, the camera possesses built-in background removal tools. So in addition to adding yourself your playthroughs and gameplay videos, you can crop your background or even remove it entirely automatically if using a green screen – giving you the same kinds of funky backgrounds that we've all been using on Zoom calls the past few months. 

The PlayStation 5 HD Camera possesses stereo wide-angle lenses and can capture in up to 1080p – which may seem strange, given that the PS5 is such a 4K-focused console, but for picture-in-picture broadcasts it's obviously more than sufficient.

It should be noted that the PS5 Camera isn't compatible with PlayStation VR (so you'll have to use your old camera), but otherwise it's an essential peripheral if you're into streaming your gameplay. 

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(Image credit: Sony)

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