Phase One's launches tilt lens and a better mobile workflow

XT-Rodenstock 40mm Lens
(Image credit: Phase One)

Phase One has launched a new tilt lens for the Phase One XT camera system. The XT-Rodenstock HR Digaron-W 4.0/40mm Tilt lens has been created for landscape photography, and the simple tilt mechanism via a knob on the lens will help to control depth of field and sharpness throughout the entire scene.

The Phase One XT camera system has been designed for true longevity, and although the company recently teased what we thought was a new model, this new specialist lens shows the company's commitment to its existing camera ecosystem. 

Drew Altdoerffer at Phase One described the lens as an important addition to the XT lens series. "The tilt design allows for fine focal plane control, maximizing depth of field and complementing the shift of the XT camera for exceptional image quality and composition control.”

(Image credit: Phase One)

(Image credit: Phase One)

X-Shutter now compatible with Rodenstock 138mm lens

Phase One has also announced that the Phase One X-Shutter (an optional electronic leaf shutter that can replace the traditional shutter on some Schneider and Rodenstock lenses) is now available for the Rodenstock HR Digaron 138mm f/6.5 lens. What this means it that owners of the Phase One IQ4 can control aperture and shutter speed directly from the IQ4 digital back.

We're always likely to get more excited about a brand new camera model than a new lens. However, what Phase One's dedication to camera upgrades and new accessories does ensure is that they keep making their systems better – and that for existing Phase One users, their (significant) camera investment remains a smart choice as it won't simply be outdated in a few years.

Whether it's down to clever marketing or a clever camera system – probably both – it feels as if the Phase One XT camera system will get even better with age.

(Image credit: Phase One)

Cascable app update enhances mobile workflow

Last year, Phase One launched a new way to control an XF or XT camera via iPad or iPhone with an iOS app called Cascable. An update for Cascable AB is now available, which will speed up workflow, improve performance and enhance mobile integration specific for the for IQ4 Camera Systems using the Cascable 6 for iOS (v.6.3).

Cascable enables IQ4 users to wirelessly control, capture, automate, manage photos, and more. If a photographer is at a difficult location, mobile integration allows them to move around easily while still adjusting their camera controls to the perfect settings. The new update includes performance improvements for image quality workflows, live view, wifi connectivity, and image access. 

The Cascable integration app is available now via a firmware update — free to Phase One IQ4 customer through the Apple App store, and in-app purchases will be available to Phase One IQ4 customers for free.

(Image credit: Phase One)

Pricing and availability

The Rodenstock HR Digaron-W 4.0/40mm Tilt lens is available to order from today through Phase One Partners, although delivery isn't expected until at least September 2022. Like the Phase One IQ4 XT Camera System, it's not in the "affordable" range, and will be at a suggested price of $11,990 USD and €11,000.

You can get the X-Shutter for a Rodenstock HR Digaron 138mm f/6.5 lens now at worldwide resellers.

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