Peak Design has discounted its epic Travel Tripod for first time ever – save $97!

Peak Design Travel Tripod
(Image credit: Future/Peak Design)

Peak Design's award-winning Travel Tripod is on sale right now for the very first time! If you've had your eye on one of these durable tripods for a while, then now is the time to strike and bag yourself a deal during this year's Black Friday event, which will conclude on Peak Design's website in just 4 days, so you'd better hurry!

Save up to $97.50 in Peak Design's Black Friday sale on the Carbon Fiber Travel Tripod, priced at only US$552.45 via Amazon, Moment, B&H, and directly from Peak Design. You can also save $27 on the Aluminum Travel Tripod from Peak Design, currently reduced to $322.95 from the same retailers. 

• Take a look at our Peak Design Travel Tripod (Aluminum) (opens in new tab) and Peak Design Travel Tripod (Carbon Fiber) (opens in new tab) review to see just how highly we rate them

Perfect for the adventure types, these two Travel Tripods are both built to last with Peak Design (opens in new tab)'s lifetime guarantee, and design cleverness that allows both models to fold down into a neat and compact form, and lightning-fast deployment. 

The two tripods have a lot of similarities, with the same maximum and minimum heights, though the aluminum version is 290g heavier than the carbon fiber version, and about 20% less stiff and without vibration damping.

Some of the best travel tripods (opens in new tab) and best carbon fiber tripods (opens in new tab) from other brands might suit you better, but as we said in our review, none offer this high level of performance and build quality – especially at this new discounted price!

Peak Design Travel Tripod Carbon| (opens in new tab)

Peak Design Travel Tripod Carbon|$649.95 | $552.45 (opens in new tab)
SAVE $97.50 at Peak Design
The best price we've found on the Carbon Fiber Travel Tripod for US customers, this tripod is also the same price on Amazon and other retailers, but nothing beats buying directly from the manufacturer and supporting their business as opposed to large corporations.

Peak Design Travel Tripod Aluminum | (opens in new tab)

Peak Design Travel Tripod Aluminum |$349.95 | $322.95 (opens in new tab)

SAVE $27 at Amazon The best price we've found on the Aluminum Peak Design Travel Tripod for US customers, this tripod is currently the same price across a host of other retailers, but some require additional costs in the form of VAT and shipping costs. For prime members, this is the way.

If you can handle a little extra bulk and aren't fussed about having the carbon fiber weave pattern, then it may be worth opting for the aluminum model over the carbon fiber to save yourself a few extra dollars.

If you're based in the UK, you can still save money and grab a deal on these Peak Design Travel Tripods. The Carbon Fiber tripod is priced at £403.71 directly from Peak Design's website (opens in new tab), and the Aluminum model is only £233.71 from Peak Design. 

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