Obsbot Tiny 2: Smart PTZ webcam gets massive tech boost

Obsbot Tiny 2 hero shot on a blue background
The new Obsbot Tiny 2 has a bigger head to accommodate the new 1/1.5" sensor. (Image credit: Obsbot)

The Tiny 2 is the latest in Obsbot's series of Pan-Tilt-Zoom (PTZ) webcams with AI subject tracking. This is a major refresh, with a new form factor to accommodate the new sensor, a 1/1.5" dual-native ISO CMOS which can deliver 4K video in improved HDR.

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The bigger sensor has nearly 4x the surface area compared to the 1/2.8" in the Tiny 4K, the device's predecessor which we reviewed previously (see Tiny 4K review). The dual-layered sensor takes two images at the same time for each frame, and the software can process them together to ensure a wide dynamic range. Obsbot says this will also make the camera well-suited to coping with low and bright light.

A revised 'Deep Neural Learning Network' algorithm improves the tracking which made the brand's name. As before the camera can track its user around the room, but it also introduces Auto Framing, Desk Mode, Hand Tracking, and Zone Tracking.

The new camera will also sport voice control for the first time in Obsbot's history, so you'll be able to act like a director, telling the camera "Position One" or "Zoom In Closer."

The new 'Dynamic Gesture Control' will recognise two-handed gestures for framing the camera as well as the previous more basic controls. (Image credit: Obsbot)

Other improvements include USB 3.0, increasing throughput, and a 4x improvement to the focusing speed. This is achieved, according to Obsbot, by using every one of 100 megapixels (both layers of 50), to achieve fast focusing – and, importantly for those in gloomy spaces, better focusing across lighting ranges.

There will also be a 'Beauty Mode', performing the smart skin softening skin and eye brightening we've seen on phones and other software.

We have been impressed by the Tiny 2's predecessors, so this is an exciting prospect for creators. It is expected to ship to customers in early May, and will be available in a standard pack (with case), or different bundles with remote controls and even multiple cameras.

• Pre-orders are now online at Obsbot

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