Nikon Z9's Advanced Dual-Stream viewfinder technology explained

Nikon EVF
(Image credit: Nikon)

Nikon has released a video explaining the technology behind its clever Dual-Stream electronic viewfinder seen in the new flagship Nikon Z9 mirrorless camera, exploiting powerful Expeed 7 image-processing engine.

The 37-second long video explains using a diagram that Dual-Stream Technology works by processing live view data and recording still image data separately, and in parallel. This makes the Real-Live Viewfinder possible by delivering the still image directly to the SD card and the live view data to our irises via the LCD monitor. 

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Conventional viewfinders tend to show frames with a loss of view that can sometimes skip and repeat, but the Real-Live Viewfinder is designed to enables users to smoothly follow every movement of their subject. This will ensure that you don't, in reference to Henri Cartier-Bresson, miss your decisive moment when shooting. 

Delivering a smooth view that reveals every single moment, including those previously missed by conventional electronic viewfinder systems or blocked by DSLR mirror movement, can determine the difference between a good shot or an exceptional one. Especially taking into account that the Nikon Z9 (opens in new tab) boasts an extraordinary 120 frames per second continuous shooting speed!

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Watch video: Nikon Z9 Dual-Stream EVF explained

The new high-performance Expeed 7 engine provides up to 10 times faster processing speeds. This enables real-time split-second action to be captured simultaneously and as it happens through the blackout-free Real-Live Viewfinder, meaning there's no delay between what is seen and what is captured.

We were blown away by the features of Nikon's new flagship, in particular its 8K functions (opens in new tab) – it is able to record over two hours of 8K 30p video without overheating, and following a firmware update in 2022 will be capable of 8K 60p capture. 

The Nikon Z9 is available for preorder now, setting you back a competitive $5,496.95 / £5,299 / AU$8,999.95 with extremely limited stock. Retailers are expected to ship out the product on 15 December.

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