New Zhiyun Smooth Q4 smartphone gimbal makes everyone an influencer

(Image credit: Zhiyun)

Gimbal stabilizer brand Zhiyun has launched a new, compact smartphone gimbal called the Smooth Q4, which weighs just 370g. Building on the success of the Smooth Q3 (which was the first smartphone gimbal with a built-in light) it's aimed at those using their smartphone on the go.

The best gimbals now come in all shapes and sizes, but whether users find themselves wanting to shoot a lifestyle film or a live-stream for YouTube, the Smooth Q4 looks to be an improvement on its popular predecessor for smartphone shooters, thanks to a raft of new features...


(Image credit: Zhiyun)

Zhiyun Smooth Q4 specifications

  • Dimensions: 181.7 x 107.7 x 56.3mm
  • Weight: 370g
  • Maximum battery run time: 15 hours
  • Charging time: 2.5 hours
  • Payload: 150g~280g

Zhiyun Smooth Q4 features

There's a new 3-axis stabilizer inside the Zhiyun Smooth Q4, designed to keep – as the name suggests – footage smooth while filming. The power of the motor has increased by 30% to improve stabilization further.

When it comes to handling, settings are change via a multi-functional control wheel – which should allow operation to be done with just one hand. Users press to adjust the brightness or slide to change the focal length. Zhiyun says that the Smooth Q4 has a "brand-new look for a better grip and easy packing. With the ergonomic design and smooth surface, the gimbal feels just great in your hand." The arm has been redesigned slightly, and most notably, photographers can switch between landscape and portrait mode in just one click. There's also an extendable rod that's built in, and at full length it reaches over 20cm. Could be good for reaching tricky angles or just fitting more of your pals in the frame.


(Image credit: Zhiyun)

The Smooth Q4's double-sided magnetic fill light (which is not included in the Smooth Q4 Standard Package but is included in a combo package) is rated at a neutral color temperature of 5500K and because it has four levels of adjustable brightness, users should be able to tailor to power to suit the environmental conditions and the atmosphere they want to create.


Zhiyun's free ZY CAMI App should be used alongside the Smooth Q4 (Image credit: Zhiyun)

The Zhiyun Smooth Q4 works alongside Zhiyun's free ZY CAMI App, which has plenty of smart features to help photographers capture professional camera movements and footage, as well as filters, special effects and music.

The Zhiyun Smooth Q4 is available now, for an RRP of £119/$119/€129.

We'll be looking to review the Zhiyun Smooth Q4 very soon, but for now why not check out the Zhiyun Smooth 4, the Zhiyun Crane M3 and our expert buying guide to the best gimbals?

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