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Luminar 4 adds new tricks

(Image credit: Skylum)

Luminar 4 is one of the most innovative photo-editing software that we have seen for a long time – and although it is only a couple of months, it has already been improved. Luminar 4.1.0  adds extra features, that gives new power to this program.

Luminar 4's secret lies in the AI that works behind the interface of this image manipulation program – giving you great looking results without you have to get bamboozled by lots of confusing controls. It works out what the image needs, and gets on with the job – and then you get the chance to tweak it results if you need to. The streamline interface may seem alien to those used to more traditional photo editors - but the results you get from the software speak for themselves.

New Atmospheric Haze tool (Image credit: Skylum)

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In the latest update, AI Sky Replacement gets a new feature – allowing you to add haze to the scene, to make the results of the newly added sky look even more natural. Used in conjunction with the Sky Temperature and Sky Exposure sliders, the developers tell us that is now possible to achieve a perfectly balanced, harmonious image in a single tool. The new Atmospheric Haze tool is said to be particularly effective when adding a clear blue sky to the scene - helping to match the sky to the brightness of the foreground.

Luminar's Erase tool has been upgraded as well, using an all-new technology for precise object removal. Removing unwanted pixels has been made easier - particularly when dealing with complex backgrounds or gradients. Area replacement has been enhanced by using a smarter selection algorithm in combination with an Erase tool with a softer edge. 

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Luminar 4 works as a standalone program, or as a plug in to Lightroom, Photoshop CC, Photoshop Elements or Apple Photos. 

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