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Leica to produce a cheap film version of the Leica M in 2021

Leica film camera
(Image credit: Leica)

Want the prestige of a Leica camera without the high price tag? You might just be in luck. Leica is rumored to be working on a new Leica M series film camera with a comfortingly affordable price tag.

While you might be tempted to scoff in skepticism, there is a precedent for Leica producing a more affordable version of a previous camera. In fact, Leica recently released the Leica SL2-S, which is a less expensive version of the Leica SL2. Based on this, a cheaper M series camera may not be completely out of character for the company. 

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Leica M series cameras are some of the most premium cameras on the market. While, they're not the most feature-rich cameras available from the company, they certainly have a unique and enduring appeal to Leica's core user base. 

Now, a recent report from Leica Rumors states that Leica is due to release a new 35mm film camera. While this camera is set to be a more affordable option from Leica, we would bet that it isn't necessarily going to be the most affordable option on the market as a whole.

Leica M series cameras are produced with a high level of precision and quality, which is partly why the imaging company is able to demand such high prices. While it's not likely that this new camera will come at a super cheap price point, it will be interesting to see just how affordable the new Leica M film camera might be.

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