Laowa 85mm is world’s smallest 2x macro lens for full-frame mirrorless cameras

Laowa 85mm macro lens
(Image credit: Venus Optics - Laowa Lenses)

Laowa are considered to be one of the most innovative lens companies around, and their latest 2X Ultra Macro 85mm F/5.6 APO lens proves just that. The premium lens manufacturers have been around since 2013 and endeavoring to invent the most unique lenses. 

This new compact mirrorless full-frame macro lens comes with 2x magnification providing a wider range of flexibility for macro photographers while lightening the load of your gear bag. The 85mm will weigh only 259g/9.1oz, little but no doubt fierce!

Laowa, (also recognised as Venus Optics) state that the new lens is revolutionarily small although specifically built for mirrorless full frame cameras making it perfect for photographers that are looking for an extremely lightweight setup, macro shooting will become a breeze while maintaining that excellent image quality. 

Watch face shot with Laowa 85mm Macro (Image credit: © Kiva / Venus Optics)

The magnification of Laowa's newest lens can focus from infinity to 2X magnification with a minimum focusing distance of 16.3cm/ 6.41". The lens also features an Apochromatic Optical Design (APO) structure that enables images to be magnified without chromatic aberrations and color fringing. In simpler terms this means that immense detail can be captured for tiny objects in out-of-focus and focussed areas. 

Internal focusing improvements have halted the extension of the lens barrel when changing focus to avoid collision of the lens with nearby objects while reducing the instances of dust entering the lens. 

(Image credit: © John Hanson / Venus Optics)

The 85mm will be available in the following mounts: Canon RF, Sony E, Nikon Z and Leica M. It is worth mentioning that the lens is a little more expensive in the format of the Leica M mount as opposed to the other mounts, the company have not yet explicitly stated the reason behind the variance in price. 

The Laowa 85mm F/5.6 2X Ultra Macro APO lens is available to order directly from Venus Optics, here priced at $449.00 (approximately £337.35 / AU$629.28) with shipping expected to start from early December onwards. 

We will update this article with further information on retailers outside of the US once this information becomes available.

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