Kase double grad filters are ingenious 2-in-1 solution for landscape photographers

Kase Dual Grad Filters
(Image credit: Digital Camera World)

Neutral density graduate filters are the must-have accessory for landscape photographers – helping to balance out the brightness difference between the land and sky. But inevitably you find you need more than one type of ND grad filter to cover the range of scenes you find. Now Kase has come up with an ingenious solution to minimizing the number of filters you need to hike around with you.

The Kase Wolverine Double Graduated filters essentially give you two grads in one. Insert the filter one way and it does one job, and insert it the other way up (or rotate it) and it does another.

There are two Double Grads available at at launch (and currently on show at The Photography Show, which runs until tomorrow). The most popular of these may well be the 0.9 GND Soft & Hard. Both ends of this give you up to a 3-stop reduction in the upper area of the image - but one gives you a hard edge (best suited to flat horizons) and the other a soft edge (best suited to a horizon broken by buildings or mountains). 

The other choice is Kase Wolverine Double Grad 0.9 GND Medium & Reverse. This gives an all-purpose medium strength transition grad - plus a reversed gradient that is perfect for shooting straight into the sun (at sunset, say). 

Kase Reverse Grad is designed for shooting sunsets and sunrises, where the sky is brightest at the horizon (Image credit: Stephen Elliott/Kase)

Both filters measure 100x150mm and will fit most 100mm square filter holder systems (including Kase's own). The Double Grads are made of toughened Pro HD optical glass, and have metallic nano coatings. They promise virtually no color cast, and scratch resistance.

(Image credit: Kase)

Kase explains that some older Lee 100mm holders might not have enough friction in the rails for glass filters, but that if you have an issue with Kase filters in your Lee holder, please contact Kase UK who will supply free replacement rails free of charge. 

The Double Grad filters will retail for $220 / £209 each, and are supplied with a pouch.

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